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  1. Reprobate's Resumé
  2. No Sleeves
  3. We'll Make A Lover Of You
  4. Our Coastal Hymn
  5. What Would Wolves Do?
  6. Bringing Us Down
  7. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
  8. Blackouts On Thursday
  9. Rodeo
  10. Obsessed With The Excess
  11. Hello Halo, Goodbye Glands
  12. The Year Before The Year 2000
  13. Patty Lee
  14. Knowing How The World Works
  15. Reformat (Live)
  16. The Sweat Descends
  17. Who Rocks The Party
  18. Fading Vibes
  19. Hold On To Your Genre
  20. Meet Me In The Dollar Bin

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