Lanterns on the Lake n°1053 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Lungs Quicken
  2. A Kingdom
  3. I Love You, Sleepyhead
  4. If I've Been Unkind
  5. Keep On Trying
  6. Ships In The Rain
  7. The Places We Call Home
  8. Blanket Of Leaves
  9. Tricks
  10. You're Almost There
  11. Not Going Back To The Harbour
  12. If I've Been Unkind (Man Without Country Remix)
  13. Ships In The Rain (Laurel Halo Remix)
  14. Not Going Back To The Harbour (Dauwd Remix)
  15. Ships In The Rain (Sun Glitters Remix)
  16. You're Almost There (Young Montana? Remix)
  17. Tricks (Damu Remix)
  18. Elodie
  19. The Buffalo Days
  20. The Ghost That Sleeps In Me

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