Labradford n°2645 États-Unis
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  1. Battered
  2. Scenic Recovery
  3. Underwood 5Ive
  4. Everlast
  5. Listening In Depth
  6. Up To Pizmo
  7. V
  8. P
  9. Recorded And Mixed At Sound Of Music, Richmond, Va.
  10. With John Morand And Assisted By Brian Hoffa
  11. Dulcimers Played By Peter Neff. Strings Played
  12. By Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans,
  13. And Jonathan Morken. Photo Provided By
  14. Leta O'steen. Design Assistance By John Piper
  15. Twenty
  16. Wien
  17. David
  18. C
  19. Preserve The Sound Outside
  20. Julius

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