Kiuas n°81 Finlande
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  1. Warrior Soul
  2. Across The Snows
  3. Until We Reach The Shore
  4. On Winds Of Death We Ride
  5. Kiuas War Anthem
  6. The Decaying Doctrine
  7. The Spirit Of Ukko
  8. Call Of The Horns
  9. Kiuassault
  10. The Visionary
  11. Of Sacrifice, Loss And Reward
  12. Reformation (Wrath Of The Old Gods)
  13. Bleeding Strings
  14. Lights Are Many
  15. Race With The Falcons
  16. No More Sleep For Me
  17. Thorns Of A Black Rose
  18. The New Chapter
  19. Song For The Fells
  20. Heart And Will

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