Kid Loco n°442 France
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  1. Horsetown In Vain
  2. Love Me Sweet (Tommy Hools Remix)
  3. Sister Curare
  4. Love Me Sweet (Jim O'rourke Mix)
  5. Penetrare (Belleville B-Boy Mix)
  6. Love Me Sweet (Original Radio Edit)
  7. I Can't Let It Happen To You
  8. A Little Bit Of Soul
  9. A Little Bit Of Soul (Paul Murphy's Bellanova Mix)
  10. A Little Bit Of Soul (Vicarious Bliss Smooth Dub Symphony)
  11. Cosmic Supernatural
  12. Alone Again So
  13. She's My Lover (Bang Bang Remix)
  14. The Bootleggers
  15. Dawn Chorus
  16. Take My Head
  17. The Prisoner
  18. Crime City
  19. Tug Boat
  20. A Gentle Dissolve

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