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  1. Awaiting The Vultures
  2. Of The Sleep Of Ishtar
  3. Luring The Doom Serpent
  4. Contemplations Of The Endless Abyss
  5. The Elder God Shrine
  6. Temple Of Lunar Ascension
  7. Dreaming Through The Eyes Of Serpents
  8. Whence No Traveler Returns
  9. The Forbidden Path Across The Chasm Of Self-Realization
  10. Beckon The Sick Winds Of Pestilence
  11. Preliminary Purification Before The Calling Of Inanna
  12. Rapture Of The Empty Spaces
  13. Contemplate This On The Tree Of Woe
  14. A Most Effective Exorcism Against Azagthoth And His Emissaries
  15. Slavery Unto Nitokris
  16. Shira Gula Pazu
  17. Kali Ma
  18. Curse The Sun
  19. Impalement And Crucifixion Of The Last Remnants Of The Pre Human Serpent Volk
  20. Dying Embers Of The Aga Mass Sssratu

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