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  1. It's All Okay
  2. Let's Forget All The Things That We Say
  3. This Love
  4. I Was Only 19 (Live From 'The People Speak')
  5. Here For The Night
  6. Justine (Edit)
  7. Love Is A Show
  8. How Sweet It Is
  9. Breathe It In
  10. By The Horns
  11. Beds Are Burning
  12. It's All Okay (Live Spotify Nyc)
  13. I Touch Myself (Live Spotify Nyc)
  14. By The Horns (Live Spotify Nyc)
  15. Tell Her A Story
  16. Take Me Home
  17. The Line That Ties Me
  18. With The Light
  19. I Want To Live Here
  20. My Baby

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