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  1. Shaker Loops: I. Shaking And Trembling
  2. Shaker Loops: Iv. A Final Shaking
  3. Shaker Loops: Iii. Loops And Verses
  4. Shaker Loops: Ii. Hymning Slews
  5. Short Ride In A Fast Machine
  6. Chamber Symphony: I. Mongrel Airs
  7. Harmonielehre: Part I
  8. Phrygian Gates
  9. Chamber Symphony: Ii. Aria With Walking Bass
  10. Chamber Symphony: Iii. Roadrunner
  11. Harmonium: I. Negative Love
  12. Harmonium: Iii. Wild Nights
  13. The Wound-Dresser
  14. Nixon In China: Act I, Scene Iii. "Mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests"
  15. China Gates
  16. The Death Of Klinghoffer: Chorus Of Exiled Jews
  17. Fearful Symmetries
  18. The Death Of Klinghoffer: Chorus Of Exiled Palestinians
  19. Violin Concerto: Iii. Toccare
  20. Harmonium: Ii. Because I Could Not Stop For Death

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