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  1. Tebowie
  2. Wonderful Christmastime
  3. The Doors Sing "Reading Rainbow"
  4. Scrambled Eggs
  5. Jesus Christ
  6. Ew!
  7. Neil Young Sings "Whip My Hair"
  8. Friday
  9. You Spit When You Talk
  10. Cougar Huntin'
  11. New French Girlfriend
  12. Slow Jam The News
  13. Walk Of Shame
  14. Bob Dylan Sings "Charles In Charge"
  15. My Upstairs Neighbors Are Having Sex (And Listening To The Black Eyed Peas)
  16. Balls In Your Mouth
  17. Idiot Boyfriend
  18. (I Can't Play) Basketball
  19. History Of Rap
  20. Neil Young Sings "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"

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