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  1. My Love Is Over
  2. I'm Alright
  3. Name Of Love
  4. Music Saved My Life
  5. I'm Alright (Jim Leblanc Remix)
  6. My Love Is Over (Get Far Remix)
  7. My Love Is Over (M. Torres Vs. Datamotion Remix)
  8. God Bless (Music) ("V.i.p Room St-Tropez" Summer Mix 06)
  9. Can U Feel It (S'smooth Mix)
  10. Can You Feel It? (Radio Edit)
  11. Can U Feel It
  12. I'm Alright (Chuckie Remix)
  13. Tell Me Why
  14. I See Your Light
  15. Saint-Tropez
  16. Fly Away
  17. Middle Of Nowhere
  18. My Love Is Over (Extended Version)

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