Japandroids n°123 Canada
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  1. Younger Us
  2. The House That Heaven Built
  3. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
  4. North East South West
  5. No Known Drink Or Drug
  6. Couture Suicide
  7. Avant Sleepwalk
  8. Coma Complacency
  9. To Hell With Good Intentions
  10. Press Corps
  11. Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown
  12. No Allegiance To The Queen
  13. Sexual Aerosol
  14. Lovers/Strangers
  15. Lucifer's Symphony
  16. The Boys Are Leaving Town
  17. Young Hearts Spark Fire
  18. Wet Hair
  19. Rockers East Vancouver
  20. Heart Sweats

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