Jan Jelinek n°252 Allemagne
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  1. Happening Tone
  2. Up To My Same Old Trick Again
  3. Tendency
  4. Ice 897
  5. A Concert For Television
  6. Tierbeobachtung
  7. Palmen Aus Leder
  8. The Raw And The Cooked (V)
  9. The Raw And The Cooked (Ii)
  10. The Raw And The Cooked (Zwischen/Raum)
  11. Blinking Of Countless Lines
  12. How A Spiral Works
  13. Fountain
  14. Pulsating Primary Structure
  15. Relief, Pt.1
  16. Moiré (Piano & Organ)
  17. Max Ernst, This Is The First Time In Twenty-Five Years That You've Returned To Your Old Home Town, To The Cathedral In Cologne, Right?
  18. The Raw And The Cooked (Iii)
  19. Yoko Ono, You Were Born Into A Rich, Aristocratic Family In Tokyo. Do You See That In Yourself?
  20. Friederike Mayrocker, When You Write, Do You Feel Like The Creator Of The Work Or More Like A Medium?

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