Jamie Alan Christopherson n°1785 États-Unis
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  1. Path Of Destruction
  2. Rush Into The Enemy Camp
  3. Infernal Wings
  4. Savage Blow
  5. The Magot Queen
  6. Through The Atmospheric Force
  7. With Soul And Victorious Weapons
  8. To The Evil's Cathadral
  9. Outburst Of Rage
  10. Return Of Fate
  11. The Call Of Destiny
  12. Never-Ending Fight
  13. The Reigning Monarch
  14. Fall Into The Abyss
  15. The First Reunion
  16. Pilgrims From The Holy Land
  17. Fairy In The Grove
  18. The Labyrinth In The Garden
  19. Fury Of The Victims
  20. Crisis In The Dead Angle

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