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  1. Replay
  2. Goodbye
  3. So Big
  4. Solo
  5. Look At Me Now
  6. One Million (Tom Ohalloran Remix)
  7. You're The Only (Wherever You Are) [Tom Ohalloran Remix]
  8. Aurora - Special Non-Stop Dj Mix (Continuous Mix)
  9. Solo (Instrumental Version)
  10. Solo (A Cappella Version)
  11. Solo (Dave Audé Radio Mix)
  12. Solo (Cahill Radio Mix)
  13. You're The Only (Wherever You Are)
  14. La La La
  15. Pretty Girls
  16. The Mack
  17. If I Ruled The World
  18. One Puff
  19. Words I Thoughts I'd Never Say
  20. Love Renagade

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