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  1. Why Me?
  2. Talk Too Much
  3. Miguel Y Isabel
  4. Love Survives
  5. What A Feeling (Radio Version)
  6. Rhythm Of My Life (Instrumental)
  7. Rhythm Of My Life (Extended Version)
  8. Rhythm Of My Life (Club Version)
  9. Rhythm Of My Life (Radio Edit)
  10. Found It
  11. What A Feeling (U-Max Club Mix)
  12. Flashdance... What A Feeling (Jellybean Remix)
  13. Breakdance (Extended Dubb)
  14. Breakdance (Extended Remix)
  15. Never Alone
  16. Fame
  17. Falling In Love
  18. What A Feeling (Radio Dance Mix)
  19. Man In The Mirror (Album Version)
  20. Girlfriends

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