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  1. Last Night A D.j. Saved My Life
  2. When Boys Talk
  3. Buffalo Bill
  4. If You Want It
  5. Love Is Like A Gun
  6. Pajama Party Time
  7. The Record Keeps Spinning
  8. I Got My Rights
  9. You Got To Rock It
  10. 10 Reasons Why I Can't Be Free
  11. The Night The Boy Learned How To Dance
  12. There It Is
  13. Lipstick Politics
  14. Slow Down
  15. D.j. Delight
  16. Last Night A Dj Saved My Life (Lemarquis Remix)
  17. When Boys Talk (Scratch Version B)
  18. When Boys Talk (Scratch Version A)
  19. When Boys Talk (Instrumental)
  20. When Boys Talk (A Cappella)

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