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  1. Think About The Way
  2. The Britaican
  3. Peace
  4. It's A Rainy Day
  5. It's A Rainy Day (Ferrari Remix)
  6. Run Fa Cover
  7. Russian Roulette
  8. Cinema
  9. Labba Ling
  10. It's A Rainy Day (New Extended Remix)
  11. Look After Nature
  12. Dark Night Rider
  13. Funkin' With You
  14. Think About The Way (Noche De Luna Mix)
  15. Give Me The Light
  16. Music For Money
  17. In The Sun
  18. Anything Can Happen
  19. It's A Rainy Day (Mad Sun Remix)
  20. Ok Corral (Radio Mix)

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