I Killed the Prom Queen n°116 Australie
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  1. Never Never Land
  2. Say Goodbye
  3. To Kill Tomorrow
  4. Upon A Rivers Sky
  5. Memento Vivere
  6. Death Certificate For A Beauty Queen
  7. Bet It All On Black
  8. Homicide Documentaries
  9. My Best Wishes
  10. Sharks In Your Mouth
  11. Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbain Neck-Tie
  12. Choose To Love, Live Or Die
  13. ...Forever Will Come To An End
  14. Choose To Love Live Or Die
  15. When Goodbye Means Forever
  16. Brevity
  17. Sparrowhawk
  18. 666
  19. Upon A River's Sky
  20. The Paintbrush Killer

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