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  1. Earthmover
  2. Waiting For Black Metal Records To Come In The Mail
  3. The Future
  4. Destinos
  5. Bloodhail
  6. Wizard Of The Black Hundreds
  7. Defenestration Song
  8. Deep, Deep
  9. Trespassers W
  10. Who Would Leave Their Son Out In The Sun?
  11. Hunter
  12. The Big Gloom
  13. Saving Throw Vs. Paralysis
  14. Woe Unto Us
  15. I Left And My House Burned Down
  16. Lords Of Tresserhorn
  17. Fat Kid Camp
  18. Invading Christian Shores For All Odin's Glory (Let The Dark Light Of Odin Shine Within You)
  19. Knife Throwing Contest
  20. Outro

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