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  1. Only The Nightmares Survive (The New Division Remix)
  2. We Can Go On (Titans Remix)
  3. Submarine
  4. We Could Go On
  5. We Keep Circling (Bz Edit)
  6. Only The Nightmares Survive
  7. Manifesto
  8. Inside Out
  9. Don't Keep Me Waiting (Remixed By Blutengel)
  10. Only The Nightmares Survive (Northborn Remix)
  11. Inside Out (Hearhere Remix)
  12. Whispers And Rumors
  13. Fluss
  14. Submarine (Under Water Edit)
  15. Inside Out (Chrom Remix)
  16. Pain Decay
  17. Pain Decay (Xtian Remix By Northborne)
  18. We Keep Circling (Spin-Mix By Eisfabrik)
  19. Pain Decay (Preverse Remix)
  20. Slave Machine

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