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  1. A Tale Of Creation
  2. Prologue: The Reaping
  3. The Shrike
  4. Wormfeast
  5. One Of Them
  6. Into The Mausoleum
  7. Madre De La Noche
  8. O Beast I Fear Thy Name
  9. The Storm Above (Port Sulphur)
  10. What Dwells Beneath
  11. Hurled Unto Damnation
  12. Of Extant Cults And Living Terrors
  13. Winds Like Daggers
  14. Swarm Of Flies
  15. Son Of The Aeon / Sun Of The Daemon
  16. Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower Cover)
  17. The Usurper (Celtic Frost Cover)
  18. Deaf Forever (Motörhead Cover)
  19. Riding A Pale Horse (Live)
  20. Howl Of The Black Death

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