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  1. One More Day Above The Roses
  2. The Beggarman: The Beggarman / Johnny Mcgreevy's Favorite
  3. Darcy's Donkey
  4. I Miss My Home
  5. Titanic Set
  6. Slim Jim And The Seven Eleven Girl
  7. Born To Be A Bachelor
  8. Johnny Tarr
  9. Swimmin' In The Sea
  10. Kiss Me I'm Irish
  11. Drink The Night Away
  12. Me And The Moon
  13. Scalliwag
  14. Girls Of Dublin Town
  15. The Leaving Of Liverpool
  16. The Night I Punched Russell Crowe
  17. Raised On Black And Tans
  18. Tell Me Ma
  19. The Buzzards Of Bourbon Street
  20. Johnny Jump Up / Morrison's Jig

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