Frog Eyes n°271 Canada
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  1. One In Six Children Will Flee In Boats
  2. Sound Travels From The Snow To The Dark
  3. Ship Destroyer
  4. Our Lordship Has Devised A New Billing System
  5. The Akhian Press
  6. A Latex Ice Age
  7. Masticated Outboard Motors
  8. Bushels
  9. I Like Dot Dot Dot
  10. The Fox Speaks To His Wife Who Is Not Quite Sure
  11. Silence But For The Gentle Tinkling Of The Flowing Creek
  12. The Oscillator's Hum
  13. The Mayor Laments The Failures Of His Many Townfolk
  14. Bells In The Crooked Port
  15. Crystal Blip
  16. In A Hut
  17. Rejoinders In A Storm
  18. I Ain't Around Much
  19. Rip Down The Fences That Fence The Garden
  20. Joe With The Jam

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