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  1. The Beginning Of The End Of Extraction (Evolutional Slow Down)
  2. Bouncing In A Bottomless Pit
  3. The End Of The Beginning Of Contraction (Involutional Speed Up - Preparation For The Big Crunch)
  4. Solarization
  5. On A Crater's Verge
  6. Existence Out Of Joint
  7. De Profundis
  8. Z2-Reticuli
  9. Sensorium Dei
  10. Cosmic Vagina Dentata Organ
  11. Vitamin K Experience (A Homage To The Scientists - John Lilly)
  12. Painful Disruption
  13. The Sun Door
  14. Death At Both Ends
  15. The Executive Furies Of The Robot Lord Of Death
  16. Through Fear We Are Unconscious
  17. Krapp's Last Tape
  18. In Reality All Is Void
  19. Transmigration Of Souls
  20. Z1-Reticuli

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