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  1. Show Me Your Vanishing Act One More Time
  2. I Locked My Time Capsule
  3. Oh, Common Life
  4. One More Creature Dizzy With Love
  5. S' Link
  6. Woods
  7. Flies On Tape
  8. The Back Window's Down
  9. Bed Sores
  10. The Weekend Before Halloween
  11. Glowing Crosses
  12. Gloom
  13. The Wild Bunch
  14. Paintings Of Paul Revere
  15. I Am The Challenger
  16. Life Is Killing Me
  17. Play "God Only Knows" At My Funeral
  18. The Only Thing That Haunts This House Is Me
  19. Oh, Why Can't We Start Old & Get Younger
  20. The Sound Of Young America

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