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  1. I Love You
  2. Never Knew Love Like This (Remix)
  3. Mesmerized
  4. You Used To Love Me (Remix)
  5. Soon As I Get Home
  6. Again
  7. You Used To Love Me
  8. Way You Move
  9. You Gets No Love (Remix)
  10. Georgie Porgie (So So Def Remix)
  11. Happy Home
  12. Alone In This World (Remix)
  13. Ma, I Don't Love Her
  14. Brown Sugar (Remix)
  15. Ain't Nobody (Remix)
  16. Mesmerized (Dj Clue Remix, Part Ii)
  17. Faith (Interlude)
  18. Can't Believe (Emotional) (Remix)
  19. Stressed Out
  20. Tears Away

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