Exhaust n°323 Canada
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  1. Cat Face
  2. Degauss
  3. Voiceboxed
  4. Ice Storm
  5. Dither
  6. Behind The Paint Factory
  7. My Country Is Winter
  8. Silence Sur Le Plateau
  9. Far Corner Of Concrete Parking Garage
  10. Gauss
  11. Jogging
  12. Cardboard Box Dumpster Round Back Is Full
  13. Driving 60 In A 100 Zone
  14. On Burning Wires
  15. This Magnificent Place Will Look Better Abandoned
  16. We Have A Wide Range Of Products And Services For You In This Time Of Need
  17. Behind The Water Tower
  18. The Black Horns Of H2T
  19. Tripolar Depression
  20. Wool Fever Dub

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