Eternal Tango n°25 Luxembourg
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  1. First Round At The Sissi Café
  2. Lady Berlin And The Acrobats
  3. Narya, Narya... So Glad You Found Your Way
  4. Coincidence Dies In C
  5. Knock Me Out Princess
  6. Goodbye Glamour, Hello Cabaret (Episode 2)
  7. Jackie Boy Is Leaving Town
  8. Anthem To A Forgotten Hero
  9. Not Really Dead... Not Quite Alive
  10. The Melody Of Goodbye
  11. The Golden City
  12. Ronny Roy Johnson
  13. Oh! No
  14. Da/Da
  15. The Vicious Five
  16. By The River
  17. Slow Down
  18. Pink White Sheets
  19. Be A S.t.a.r.
  20. Touch The End

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