Esthero n°179 Canada
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  1. Breath From Another
  2. We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution
  3. Heaven Sent
  4. Gone
  5. Breath From Another (Parts 7 & 11 Remix)
  6. Breath From Another (Dj Krust Sitting On Chrome Mix)
  7. Everyday Is A Holiday (With You)
  8. Balmes (Original Album Version)
  9. Balmes (A Better Life) (Never Coming Home Remix Instrumental)
  10. Balmes (A Better Life) (Pooley's New Vocal Mix)
  11. That Girl (Gavo's Club Girl Mix)
  12. Balmes (A Better Life) (Jc's Remix)
  13. Heaven Sent (Mad Professor Dub)
  14. Over
  15. Balmes (A Better Life) (Never Coming Home Remix Vocal)
  16. O.g. Bitch (Smitty's Deep Guitar Remix)
  17. O.g. Bitch (Original Version)
  18. Fastlane (Rudimental Mix)
  19. I Drive Alone
  20. This Lull-A-Bye

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