Esbjörn Svensson Trio n°50 Suède
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  1. Dodge The Dodo
  2. From Gagarin's Point Of View
  3. Dolores In A Shoestand
  4. The Second Page
  5. Good Morning Susie Soho
  6. The Wraith
  7. Somewhere Else Before
  8. Behind The Yashmak
  9. The Rube Thing
  10. The Goldhearted Miner
  11. Goldwrap
  12. The Chapel
  13. The Return Of Mohammed
  14. In The Face Of Day
  15. Tuesday Wonderland
  16. Sipping On The Solid Ground
  17. Definition Of A Dog
  18. Eighthundred Streets By Feet
  19. Brewery Of Beggars
  20. Providence

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