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  1. Unleashed
  2. Sensorium
  3. Quietus
  4. Storm The Sorrow
  5. Blank Infinity
  6. Martyr Of The Free Word
  7. Sancta Terra
  8. Chasing The Dragon
  9. Cry For The Moon
  10. Never Enough
  11. Feint
  12. Illusive Consensus
  13. Cry For The Moon (The Embrace That Smothers, Part Iv)
  14. The Phantom Agony
  15. Seif Al Din (The Embrace That Smothers, Part Vi)
  16. Façade Of Reality (The Embrace That Smothers, Part V)
  17. Kingdom Of Heaven (A New Age Dawns, Part V)
  18. Chasing The Dragon (Edit)
  19. Monopoly On Truth
  20. Presto

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