Enigma n°21 Allemagne
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  1. Beyond The Invisible
  2. Return To Innocence
  3. Mea Culpa
  4. T.n.t. For The Brain
  5. Gravity Of Love
  6. The Eyes Of Truth
  7. The Cross Of Changes
  8. The Child In Us
  9. Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song)
  10. Voyageur
  11. Shadows In Silence
  12. Push The Limits
  13. Silence Must Be Heard
  14. Morphing Thru Time
  15. Endless Quest
  16. Out From The Deep
  17. Modern Crusaders
  18. Knocking On Forbidden Doors
  19. Smell Of Desire
  20. The Roundabout

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