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  1. The Secret
  2. Walls
  3. Rock-N-Rule
  4. Edge Of The World
  5. Listening To Freddie Mercury
  6. Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus
  7. So Cold I Could See My Breath
  8. Studying Politics
  9. The Ponytail Parades
  10. Under Serious Attack
  11. The Movie Song
  12. You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change)
  13. From Crib To Coffin
  14. Shame
  15. Cutthroat Collapse
  16. Butcher's Mouth
  17. In Shallow Seas We Sail
  18. People Always Ask Me If We're Gonna Cuss In An Emery Song
  19. The Smile, The Face
  20. Story About A Man With A Bad Heart (Reimagined)

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