Edward Maya n°8 Roumanie
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  1. Stereo Love
  2. Mono In Love (Radio Edit)
  3. Nostalgy
  4. Back Home
  5. Colombian Girl
  6. Angel Of Prayer
  7. Angel Of Light
  8. Angel Of Courage
  9. Stereo Love (Radio Edit)
  10. Stereo Love (Extended Version)
  11. Desert Rain (Official Remix)
  12. This Is My Life (Radio Version)
  13. This Is My Life (Extended Version)
  14. Love Story
  15. Feeling
  16. Desert Rain (Pee4Tee Remix)
  17. Desert Rain (Extended Version)
  18. Angel Of Harmony
  19. Desert Rain (Provenzano Remix)
  20. Desert Rain (Alex Addea Remix)

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