Dickie Valentine n°1130 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Mister Sandman
  2. Runaround
  3. The Finger Of Suspicion
  4. In A Golden Coach (There's A Heart Of Gold)
  5. Guessing
  6. Who's Afraid (Not I, Not I, Not I)
  7. Pine Tree Pine Over Me
  8. Many Times
  9. I Wonder
  10. Three Sides To Every Story
  11. The Old Pi-Anna Rag
  12. Give Me A Carriage With Eight White Horses
  13. Broken Wings
  14. Endless
  15. There'll Be Some Changes Made
  16. All The Time And Ev'rywhere
  17. Many Loves Are Penny Loves
  18. Cleo And Me-O
  19. A Blossom Fell
  20. My Impossible Castle

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