Des’ree n°714 Royaume-Uni
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  1. You Gotta Be
  2. I'm Kissing You
  3. Competitive World
  4. Caring World
  5. Feel So High (The Elevation Mix)
  6. Mind Adventures (The Master Mix)
  7. Feel So High (New Born Again Mix)
  8. It's Okay (Stargate Radio Edit)
  9. Little Child
  10. Warm Hands, Cold Heart
  11. What's Your Sign?
  12. Feel So High
  13. Mind Adventures
  14. Get A Life
  15. Looking Philosophical
  16. You Gotta Be (Frankie Foncett Mix)
  17. Living In The City (Meme's Extended Club Mix)
  18. What's Your Sign (Saturn Return Mix)
  19. Feel So High (The Family Stand Remix)
  20. Life (Cosmack Extended Mix)

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