Dennis Chambers n°2119 États-Unis
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  1. Camel Hump
  2. Foxy Morons
  3. Fall Out (Feat. Gregg Kofi Brown) [Radio Edit]
  4. Time To Time (Feat. Scott Henderson)
  5. Drums Solo, Part 2
  6. Running On Line (Feat. Brian Auger)
  7. Practice What You Preaching (Feat. Patti Austin, Jeff Berlin)
  8. Fall Out (Feat. Gregg Kofi Brown)
  9. Virtual Life (Feat. Scott Henderson)
  10. We Don't Know (Feat. Dora Nicolosi (Novecento))
  11. Drums Solo, Part 1
  12. Past And Future (Feat. Stanley Jordan)
  13. Aircraft (Feat. Brian Auger)
  14. Constant Comment
  15. Dc10
  16. Last Trane
  17. Deff 184
  18. Emotional Squalor
  19. All Thought Out
  20. I Hate The Blues… (But Here's One Anyway)

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