Daniel Bedingfield n°607 Royaume-Uni
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  1. The Way
  2. Gotta Get Thru This (D'n'd Radio Edit)
  3. James Dean (I Wanna Know)
  4. Wrap My Words Around You
  5. Gotta Get Thru This (Acoustic Version)
  6. The One (Cedric Gervais Florianopolis Mix)
  7. The One (D-Formation Dub)
  8. The One (Dean Coleman Dub)
  9. The One (Dean Coleman Remix)
  10. The One (Original Dub)
  11. The One (Joachim Garraud & David Guetta Remix)
  12. The One (Downtempo Mix)
  13. The One (Vocal Mix)
  14. The One (Radio Edit)
  15. The One (Uk Radio Edit)
  16. Holiness (Re‐Vocal Version)
  17. Somebody Told Me (Live From Radio 1)
  18. The One (Downtempo Mix - Video Edit)
  19. Blown It Again
  20. James Dean (I Wanna Know) (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)

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