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  1. Romantic World
  2. Every Time
  3. Petite Chanson D'amour
  4. Ready To Follow You
  5. Tell Me Bonita (Single Mix)
  6. 3 Is Family (T-Empo Radio Mix)
  7. The Miracle Of Your Love
  8. Freedom Calling
  9. 3 Is Family
  10. Romantic World (Aio-Aio Mix)
  11. Ready To Follow You (Long Version)
  12. Ready To Follow You (Version Piano)
  13. I Will Go There With You
  14. Open Hearts
  15. I Want My Chance
  16. That's Boy's No Good For You
  17. Moving On
  18. Number One In Your Heart
  19. I'm A Singer
  20. Survival

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