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  1. (Takes Me) Higher
  2. Hardcore Revolution (Dj Mix)
  3. Free Your Mind
  4. John Peel (Not Enough) (Fergus Mayhem Remix)
  5. Tumbling Down
  6. Where The Music Plays
  7. Drifting Away
  8. Sound Of The Future
  9. Faces Of Angels (Clsm Remix)
  10. John Peel (Not Enough)
  11. Drive Away (Faster Mix)
  12. Colours (Clsm Hardscape Remix)
  13. Angels (Sy & Unknown Remix)
  14. Give It All (Max Factor Remix)
  15. Sos (Save Our Souls) (Feat. Justin)
  16. Transmission To Mars (Original)
  17. Got A Feeling (Darren Styles Remix)
  18. Close To You (Re-Con Remix)
  19. Rave Phenomenon
  20. Silver Water (Darren Styles Remix)

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