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  1. Dip It Low
  2. Get Away
  3. Am To Pm
  4. When You Look At Me (Agent X Remix)
  5. Say I
  6. Someday One Day
  7. Down For You
  8. L.o.v.e.
  9. 7 Days
  10. When You Look At Me
  11. Like Me
  12. Spending Time
  13. Hello
  14. Look Around (Malawi Rocks Remix)
  15. Am To Pm (E-Smoove House Mix)
  16. Am To Pm (Hex Hector / Mac Quayle Club Mix)
  17. Am To Pm (Irv Gotti's Gutta Remix)
  18. When You Look At Me (Album Version)
  19. When You Look At Me (Video)
  20. It's All Gravy (Radio Version)

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