Chicks on Speed n°208 Allemagne
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  1. Procrastinator
  2. For All The Boys In The World
  3. Turn Of The Century
  4. Song For A Future Generation
  5. Give Me Back My Man
  6. Mind Your Own Business
  7. Euro Trash Girl
  8. Kaltes Klares Wasser
  9. Warm Leatherette
  10. Art Rules
  11. Glamour Girl
  12. Glamour Girl (Radio Edit)
  13. Preparing For 'Monsters'
  14. Yes I Do
  15. Rave Nation
  16. Alex Testing
  17. Glamour Girl (Original Long Version)
  18. Special (Intro)
  19. Kaltes Klares Wasser (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
  20. Kaltes Klares Wasser (Dj Koze Remix)

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