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  1. Sheriff Fatman
  2. Rubbish
  3. The Only Living Boy In New Cross
  4. Bloodsport For All
  5. Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over
  6. Let's Get Tattoos
  7. Rent
  8. Do Re Me, So Far So Good
  9. A Prince In A Pauper's Grave
  10. This Is How It Feels
  11. Falling On A Bruise
  12. Surfin' Usm
  13. The Impossible Dream
  14. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
  15. The Music That Nobody Likes
  16. Glam Rock Cops
  17. And God Created Brixton
  18. The Young Offender's Mum
  19. Johnny Cash
  20. After The Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way)

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