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  1. Rum
  2. Shoot Me Straight
  3. Stay A Little Longer
  4. Dirt Rich
  5. Shoot From The Hip
  6. Arms Of Fire
  7. Stay A Little Longer (Demo)
  8. Love The Lonely Out Of You
  9. Drank Like Hank (Live)
  10. Shoot Me Straight (Live)
  11. I Don't Remember Me (Before You) [Live]
  12. Down Home (Live)
  13. Weed, Whiskey And Willie (Live)
  14. Burning Man
  15. Rum (Live)
  16. Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive) [Live]
  17. Tequila Again (Live)
  18. 21 Summer (Live)
  19. Love The Lonely Out Of You (Live)
  20. Stay A Little Longer (Live)

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