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  1. Brand Nubian
  2. Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down
  3. Allah U Akbar
  4. All For One
  5. Steal Ya 'Ho
  6. Slow Down (Pete Rock's Newromix)
  7. Don't Let It Go To Your Head
  8. Wake Up (Reprise In The Sunshine)
  9. Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix)
  10. Slow Down
  11. Feels So Good
  12. Drop The Bomb
  13. Hold On
  14. Concerto In X Minor
  15. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
  16. Bounce (Hellfire Machina Remix)
  17. Somebody Told A Lie
  18. Mind Your Business
  19. The Future (Lenny Dee & Nebulla Remix)
  20. 360° (What Goes Around)

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