Behexen n°39 Finlande
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  1. Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä
  2. The Flames Of The Blasphemer
  3. Blessed Be The Darkness
  4. Intro / The Summoning
  5. Cave Of The Dark Dreams
  6. Pentagram Of The Black Earth
  7. Chalice Of Abyssal Water
  8. Luminous Darkness
  9. Umbra Luciferi
  10. Sword Of Promethean Fire
  11. The Poisonous Path
  12. Wand Of Shadows
  13. Rakkaudesta Saatanaan
  14. Kiss Of Our Dark Mother
  15. Shining Death
  16. Temple Of The Silent Curses
  17. Awaken Tiamat
  18. Gallows Of Inversion
  19. Canto Ii: Melancholic Remembrances Of Dark Times
  20. Canto I: Invocation Of Zabulus

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