Beats International n°1009 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Dub Be Good To Me
  2. Burundi Blues
  3. Eyes On The Prize
  4. Ten Long Years
  5. In The Ghetto
  6. Come Home
  7. Invasion Of The Estate Agents
  8. Won't Talk About It (Remix)
  9. Beats International Theme
  10. In The Ghetto (Version One)
  11. In The Ghetto (Version Three)
  12. In The Ghetto (Version Two)
  13. Oh, That's Deep
  14. Change Your Mind (Giant Club Mix / Ragga Reprise Continuous Play)
  15. Change Your Mind (Ragga Dub)
  16. Change Your Mind (Cook's Mix)
  17. Change Your Mind (Prento Mix)
  18. No More Mr Nice Guy
  19. Three Foot Skank
  20. Herman

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