Ayria n°123 Canada
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  1. Underneath The Water
  2. Feed Her To The Wolves
  3. Hunger
  4. The Heartless Kingdom
  5. Underneath The Water (Sebastian Komor Mix)
  6. Barren (Decoded Feedback Mix)
  7. You're So Vacant (Dead Inside Demo Version)
  8. Barren (Minimal Version)
  9. Not Receiving (Bhambhamhara Mix)
  10. Sticks And Stones (Broken Jaw Version)
  11. Not Receiving (Ground Control Version)
  12. The Gun Song
  13. Wondering And Waiting
  14. Fading From Me
  15. Chameleon
  16. Infiltrating My Way Through The System
  17. Not Receiving
  18. You're So Vacant
  19. Six Seconds
  20. Barren

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