Architecture in Helsinki n°35 Australie
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  1. Heart It Races
  2. Do The Whirlwind
  3. That Beep
  4. Maybe You Can Owe Me
  5. Feather In A Baseball Cap
  6. That Beep (Haima's Mix)
  7. I Might Survive
  8. In The Future
  9. Hold Music
  10. Debbie
  11. Underwater
  12. Hold Music (Max Tundra Remix)
  13. That Beep (Radioclit's Swedish Mix)
  14. Escapee
  15. Contact High
  16. Like It Or Not
  17. W.o.w.
  18. Wishbone
  19. Kindling (Clue To Kalo Remix)
  20. The Owls Go

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