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  1. Numinous Ascension Into A Black Hole
  2. Fecal Daemon
  3. Prometheus Coprophagus
  4. The Promethean Blood
  5. Praise The Fall Of God
  6. Uprising Lucifer
  7. Through Abomination 'Till Ecstasy
  8. I Hail His Name
  9. Your Life Is Cursed
  10. Blend Into Satan
  11. His Light Shines Upon Me
  12. Satanation
  13. Void Of The Abyss
  14. Victimize Yourself
  15. Defile The Cross
  16. To Jesus Christ And All Of His Servants
  17. Sadistic Rape
  18. Feast In The Blood
  19. Shadow Of Dispair
  20. Anima Damnata

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